Making it Personal: Client Service and the Guest Experience

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by Terri Defina, Director, Client Experience

Service. It’s what sets businesses apart. Why does it play such a crucial role in their success? Take a look around. There seem to be multiple options for every type of service imaginable; if you need a dry cleaner, odds are there are several shops in your town to choose from that offer the same products at comparable prices.Initially, what sets these businesses apart is how they market themselves.Some may have a loyal client base that promotes them through word-of-mouth referrals. Others may fit the description of being the “new kid in town”, offering promotions through flashy marketing campaigns to get clients in the door. So what makes consumers return to the same store again and again? How can a business owner create a loyal fan base of “regulars”?

The answer is not only the consistency of the quality of the service provided, but also the manner in which customers are treated.How does the staff handle complaints and other issues? Does walking in the door give people a warm, fuzzy feeling? Do they receive a sincere thank you when they leave? Do the business owners seem trustworthy? Is everyone, including customers and staff, treated with respect? By addressing these concerns, any service provider can transform what they do from a bad or average experience into an exceptional one.

As the Director of Client Experience at Twelve Points, I am in the unique position to ensure that our clients receive exceptional service. Unlike most of the team at Twelve Points, my background is not in wealth management.I received a degree in hospitality from UMass Amherst and have spent my entire career working on the front lines of the guest experience. From an internship at Walt Disney World to working in the finance department of a major hotel group to being an accounting manager for a hospitality-driven software company, my focus has always been on providing the highest level of service.

Where did this desire to excel at client service come from? Growing up, I was very fortunate in that my parents were able to take me on many vacations. These experiences shaped me into who I am now and instilled in me a love of adventure.Travel, like service, is personal.Two people might visit the exact same location and have totally different experiences.As Director of Client Experience at Twelve Points, it’s my mission to provide our clients with personal service that far exceeds their expectations, and I’m passionate about it.I enjoy making sure our clients know we are here to support them and make their lives both easier and better, in any way we can.As one of the newest members of the Twelve Points team, I look forward to making your experience with us an exceptional one.

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