How We Help Entrepreneurs Find Freedom Throughout Their Careers And Beyond

Because we are entrepreneurs, we understand the sacrifice it takes to build a successful business in a world where every minute counts, Twelve Points is your dedicated financial partner, committed to understanding the heartbeat of your company.

Entrepreneurs and business owners share many of the same passions as we do at Twelve Points… to build something unique and special, to control their own destiny, and to impact the lives of their employees and their customers positively. We also share many of the same challenges… competition, managing the P&L, employee retention, and how and when to realize the fruits of their hard work. These owners deserve to enjoy the life and business they’ve built by dedicating more time to the things they really enjoy and are passionate about.

Facilitating Your Success

We believe that your success is our success, and that’s why we don’t just manage money; our clients utilize us as a partner, from helping them to launch the business, to designing employee recruitment and retention packages, to coaching them through value acceleration, to the ultimate sale and then management of those assets and planning for what comes next after they sell their business.

You are seeking help to optimize your time to fuel you and your team’s potential. We work to accomplish these goals by helping you define and discover what freedom means to you as an entrepreneur. We believe you deserve to live those freedoms out and should have access to a facilitator who helps put action into making those dreams come true. 

Crystallizing Your Financial Picture

Our clients tend to find that, after working with us, they have more confidence and clarity in their overall financial picture, personally and professionally. More importantly, they feel they have the freedom to spend more time on the areas that really matter to them throughout their careers and beyond.

As fellow entrepreneurs, the Founders at Twelve Points enjoy guiding business owners to the realization of their life’s work, maximizing outcomes for themselves, their families, and the causes they care about.

Dave Clayman,
Twelve Points Wealth

Successful entrepreneurs are typically so busy running and growing their businesses that they neglect their personal planning needs. That’s where we come in. With several members of our team growing up in entrepreneurial households, we have seen firsthand the importance of having someone watch out for you with the same tenacity that you bring to your business.

Your goal is to maximize the value of your business. Our goal is to maximize your wealth and your values across the generations.

Chris Cahill,
Twelve Points Wealth

Entrepreneurs are fast-paced and hard-charging. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs and having a client base mostly comprised of business owners, we have found a number of synergies between us and our clients: a unique understanding of the challenges of business as well as empathy and support for the emotional and mental demands.

Manny Frangiadakis,
Twelve Points Wealth

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