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How We Help Individuals And Families With Trustee Services

Twelve Points Fiduciary Services can help you ease the burden on your family while protecting your legacy.

When assets are placed into a trust, the person tasked with administering these assets is called a trustee.  Administering a trust involves many complex tasks and fiduciary responsibilities which can be a lot to ask of a family member or friend.  Twelve Points can help by serving as a corporate trustee or co-trustee.  Our fiduciary duty is to manage the trust as you direct in your trust document.  Whether you have a trust, or want to create one, you can be confident that your family will be cared for by having your trust managed by experienced professionals.

It is our great privilege to work with families and individuals to ensure that a trustor’s wishes are carried out and their assets taken care of. The role of a corporate trustee is essential to maintaining family harmony and welfare. We are proud to serve as your trusted guide, leveraging our specialized expertise, discretion, and resources for your benefit

In serving as your corporate trustee or co-trustee, we can help you navigate trust documents, maintain records, balance the interests of all beneficiaries, and properly manage assets, including investments, fund distributions, and filing tax returns.

Balance & Objectivity
Remaining impartial can be challenging for individual trustees, especially when conflicts arise or if the trustee is also a beneficiary. A corporate trustee can help with tough calls when making financial decisions.

Continuity & Stability
When an individual trustee becomes unable to manage the trust, the transition to a successor trustee can uncover new conflicts. A corporate trustee provides smooth continuity that lasts for as long as the trust does.

Peace of Mind
The duties of a trustee can be complex and time-consuming, often beginning during a time of emotional stress. A corporate trustee can help relieve this burden and ensure your family’s legacy is cared for the right way.

Twelve Points aims to provide dedicated fiduciary service, deliver sound financial guidance, and relieve you of the stress and tension that comes with this difficult time. Trust us to manage the details.

We’re here to give you one less thing to worry about and provide the attention you need.

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