Deborah Cartisser

Senior Wealth Advisor

I derive satisfaction from my ability to help women focus on what’s important to them while simultaneously mastering their financial world. We live in a complex fast paced world with competing draws for our attention. I enjoy partnering with women to help navigate this facet of their lives, allowing them the freedom to focus on what’s important to them, while knowing their financial house is in order. Together, we create a world where her goals chart her path forward.

The rising economic influence of women is one of the most significant economic shifts taking place today.

Women are heading major corporations, creating and running small businesses and helping to shape the economic landscape.  They are also running more financial households, inheriting wealth and their financial needs and preferences differ from those of men.  It’s time for female investment advisors to step forth to guide this process by partnering with women to address their unique financial needs.

Deborah Cartisser focuses her practice on empowering women in their financial world.  She has worked with families in the wealth management industry for over 30 years.  Women face wage differences, gaps in their careers and longer life spans, all of which need to be addressed in order to create a secure financial plan. Deborah is committed to helping women increase their financial strength and independence.

She has helped many women navigate crises in their lives, often a divorce or death of a spouse or parent, which thrusts them into the financial driver’s seat, sometimes reluctantly.  By guiding them though all facets of financial planning, they emerge with a firm knowledge of what they have, where it is and how it serves them.  The tools of this process are teamwork, transparency and clarity, which are the foundations of trust.  Deborah partners with professionals in the tax and legal arenas to form a team of experts devoted to creating a sound financial plan for their mutual client.  She breaks down complex planning issues into achievable steps, driven by the unique needs of each client.  Her process is goals based and value driven.  As a measure of success, she has worked with three generations of some families.

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