Twelve points Webinars

The following is the schedule for our Twelve Points Wealth Management Webinar Series. Hosted by our Twelve Points team, these webinars are  designed to provide insight and educate you on specific and relevant financial topics.


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Webinar Categories

January 2022
Life, Death, and Disability (Only One is Under Your Control)

1/26 @ 12:00 PM

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst with these topics:

  • Term vs. Permanent Insurance
  • Factors Affecting Cost
  • Disability Insurance
  • Tax Advantages of Insurance

February 2022
Inflation: Effects on Day-to-Day Life & Your Investments

2/24 @ 12:00 PM

The inflationary environment we find ourselves in today is a radical change from the deflationary environment we have been in over the last 30+ years.


Join this webinar for a conversation on how inflation may affect your family and day-today life, as well as your investments.

March 2022
The Taxman Cometh: Strategies to Minimize Your Contribution to the Government

3/16 @ 12:00 PM

Learn strategies to minimize your contribution to the government as we explore these topics:

  • Paycheck Savings
  • Job Changes
  • Equity Compensation
  • Charitable Donations
  • Family Changes
  • Investment Tax Considerations

April 2022
Things to Know When Buying, Selling, or Renting a Home

4/20 @ 12:00 PM

Buying and selling real estate is one of the most confusing and multi-pronged undertakings you’ll ever be involved with. We break it down for you for you with easy-to-understand discussions of:

  • Credit Scores & Affordability
  • Down Payments & Close Costs
  • Mortgage Process & Home Inspections
  • Timing
  • Working With a Real Estate Agent
  • Buying vs. Renting

June 2022
Gifting, Philanthropy, and Trusts/Estates – Strategies & Legislation Changes

6/2 @ 12:00 PM

This month we will discuss strategies around Gifting, Trusts, and Estates. These topics are especially important due to recent changes in legislation.

June 2022
Maximizing Your Workplace Benefits

6/29 @ 12:00 PM

Trying to navigate and maximize the benefits you are offered through your employer can be challenging, but extremely important. This month’s webinar will aim to help you sort through the “Alphabet Soup” of benefits you may have available to you:

  • 401(k) / 403(b)
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSA) / FSA
  • Health / Dental Insurance
  • RSUs / Stock Options

July 2022
Caregiving, Aging, and Long-Term Care Insurance

7/28 @ 12:00 PM

While these can be sensitive topics, they can be of upmost importance in your financial plan for the future:

  • Caring for elderly parents/spouses
  • Medicare planning
  • Long-Term Care Insurance

August 2022
Insurance Deep Dive

8/25 @ 12:00 PM

Learn more about common insurance products that most have to deal with in their financial lives:

  • Auto Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Renter’s Insurance
  • Umbrella Insurance

September 2022
Student Loan State of the Union

9/15 @ 12:00 PM

Updates on forgiveness, refi rates, and current events for advisors to assist their clients.

September 2022
Basics of Financial Planning

9/21 @ 12:00 PM

  • Budgeting
  • Emergency Funds
  • Retirement Savings
  • Insurance
  • Goals (Long-Term & Short-Term)
  • Wills & Trusts
  • Health Care Planning

October 2022
Maximizing Social Security & Managing Health Care Costs in Retirement

10/5 @ 12:00 PM

This month, we discuss key components of retirement; social security and managing health care costs. Topics will include:

  • Future of Social Security
  • How Social Security Benefits are Determined
  • Social Security Spousal/Survivor Benefits
  • Reviewing Health Care & Long-Term Care Costs
  • Types of Medicare Coverage
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

October 2022
Cyber Hygiene 101: 5 Ways for You and Your Family to Repel Cyber Attacks

10/18 @ 12:00 PM

In this Cybersecurity Awareness Month Webinar, BlackCloak’s Devin Archer and Kerry Tary will lead a conversation about how to protect your personal digital life in this era of unprecedented digital risk. Webinar attendees will will receive:

  • An overview of the current state of cybersecurity and trending threats
  • Background about why you’re uniquely vulnerable
  • Guidance for creating a culture of good cyber hygiene in your personal life
  • Actionable and realistic best practices to reduce risk by an order of magnitude
  • Tips for how to cut through vendor noise and determine what’s best for your needs

October 2022
Managing Student Loans and Other Debt

10/27 @ 12:00 PM

Tips on how to assess and manage your outstanding student loans and other debt. How to balance saving for retirement or goals, while paying off debt.

  • Student Debt Consolidation/Refinancing
  • Payment Strategies
  • Tools to Help
  • Retirement Savings vs. Debt Payments

November 2022
Estate Planning Documents Everyone Needs and When They Should Be Updated

11/17 @ 12:00 PM

This month we look at the legal documents to keep you and your family safe and sound. We’ll dive into:

  • Estate Plan
  • Living Trust
  • Will
  • Durable/ Nondurable/ Special or Limited/ Springing/Medical Power of Attorney
  • Advance Medical Directive
  • Kids Protection Plan

December 2022
2022 Year in Review and Market Outlook for 2023

12/15 @ 12:00 PM

We will walk through the majors pits and peaks of this fiscal year, while focusing specifically on:

  • Market Returns
  • Sectors and Assets Which Appear Overvalued/Undervalued
  • Trends We See Developing
  • How to protect yourself in 2023

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