Here at Twelve Points, our focus is on building a team of dedicated professionals who can assist our clients with preserving and growing their wealth. Every single person on our team shares the same passion for working to allow our clients the freedom to focus on their passions and what matters most to them.

To this end, we are pleased to announce the newest addition to our team—Tracey Hartford. Tracey Hartford is joining our team as a Corporate Retirement Plan Specialist and comes to us with a strong background in client relations. For the past 20 years, Hartford has been working in construction management with extensive client relations experience. Starting off on the marketing side of the industry, she later moved into business development, where she had the chance to work directly with clients, acting as a crucial partner throughout the entire lifecycle of projects.

In her previous role, Hartford oversaw client relations across the company. She was responsible for digging deep to understand exactly what a client’s needs were and foreseeing what their needs would be in the future. Through this role, Hartford built long-lasting relationships with her clients, creating deep bonds of trust as she strategically managed projects from start to finish.

Now, Hartford is excited to embark on a new path transitioning from her role as Vice President of Client Services into her new role as a Twelve Points Corporate Retirement Plan Specialist. For Hartford, her passion is in helping people plan for their future. Understanding the gap that exists between people’s financial goals and their understanding of how to reach them, she wants to assist her clients in seeing the big picture and building strategies that will align with their values and goals.

Similar to her previous line of work, Hartford is looking forward to building long-term relationships with her clients. She knows that the roles she has held up to this point will empower her to navigate the complex needs of her clients. Not only that, but Hartford’s dedication to being a trustworthy and helpful partner to her clients perfectly aligns with the mission of Twelve Points Wealth Management.

Welcoming Hartford to the team, Twelve Points Co-Founder and President, Francesca Federico, shares:

“I was extremely fortunate to meet Tracey over a decade ago through a mutual colleague. In that time, I was able to see the type of person she was, personally and professionally. Her core values mirror those here at Twelve Points, and I know she will be an integral part of our team. She has always had a passion for financial planning, and we look forward to helping her deepen her knowledge and relationships at Twelve Points.”

Please, join us in welcoming Tracey to our team. We look forward to the expertise she will bring to the company and her dedicated passion for helping others achieve their financial goals.

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