The Twelve Points Team Reflects on Four Years of Business

This June marked the fourth anniversary of Twelve Points’ founding. Over the years, we’ve helped countless families and individuals better understand and plan towards their financial goals, whether they be paying for college, buying a second home, or retiring early. Along the way, we’ve continually adhered to our founding principles, aiming to be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, and friendly guides for our clients. Each member of the Twelve Points Team has reflected on their time with us and what they hope to achieve in the future.

Dave Clayman, Co-Founder and CEO
Four years – time has flown by and stood still at the same time. While Twelve Points has only been around for four years, I feel like it’s a vision I’ve been working on for almost my entire life. The best part so far has been helping families to clarify what their goals are and helping them prepare a roadmap for how to get there. I am most looking forward to how we can impact our entire community, from our clients, to our team, to anyone we can help – spreading the impact of Twelve Points to as many people and places as we can.

Francesca Federico, Co-Founder and Principal

Over the past four years, people who were complete strangers have become very close friends and family to us. I can’t picture my life without them. I’m looking forward to bringing our clients together more often and expanding our family.

Manny Frangiadakis, Co-Founder and Principal

The best part of the last four years for me was exceeding expectations. From a business development perspective, the firm has really blossomed. But more importantly, our relationships with our clients and trusted partners have grown stronger than I could have hoped. Looking forward, I’m excited for all the new, amazing people that will come into our lives and become members of the Twelve Points family, as well as continuing to collaborate and finding new ways we can add value to our clients’ lives.

Kimberly Van Winkle, Chief Compliance Officer & Director of Operations

Four years ago, we set out to bring honesty and trustworthiness back to our industry. It’s one of our core principals at Twelve Points. We continually strive to make that a reality every day with our clients and within in our firm. Our clients aren’t just clients, but our extended family, and family is everything. I look forward to continuing to grow together as a firm and enhancing the lives of our extended family.

Igor Tiguy, Director of Planning Services

Since our inception, we have stayed true to the values behind our firm’s name, for the benefit of all stakeholders: our clients, the community, and the Twelve Points family. On the investment front, Twelve Points has become a thought leader both as an early adopter of the “Endowment Model” and due to our unprecedented transparency – typically detailed in the quarterly Twelve Points Perspectives publication and our social media presence. I am looking forward to Twelve Points having an even greater impact on the community, both via volunteer efforts and charitable giving, as well as through helping non-profit fiduciaries reach their organizations’ financial goals. Over time, I am also looking forward to crystalizing our investment thought leadership into alternative investments-based solutions, which would help other advisors be better investment stewards on behalf of their clients.

Terri Defina, Director of Client Experience

The best thing about our first four years was our ability to grow our “family”. Treating our clients like family gives us a unique opportunity to cultivate lasting connections that go beyond fiscal wellbeing, and I believe it is what sets us apart. The future is bright and I personally am looking forward to increased engagement with our extended family and finding new ways to better serve them.

Jared Bilodeau, Associate Wealth Advisor

The best thing about the first four years, and the three years that I have been with Twelve Points, is the growth of the firm, especially our dental focus. We have added numerous dentists to our family and are fully committed to the industry.

Chris Cahill, Principal of Family Office Services

From my perspective, the best thing about the first four years of Twelve Points is that we are doing exactly what we set out to do, which is to bring honesty and integrity back to the financial services industry. We all take pride in placing our clients’ interests in front of our own and doing the right thing at all times. Over the next phase, I am looking forward to expanding our planning offerings and services to our clients and working toward continued growth of like-minded clients and new team members.

Greg Phillips, 401(k) Operations Assistant

The best thing about the first four years of Twelve Points from my perspective is the growth of our team and resources. Throughout the last four years, I feel that our firm has gained the resources to be able to help more people and benefit those people to a larger degree.

Sasha Gorskaya, Certified Financial Planner

The best thing about our first four years is that the firm keeps steadily growing without compromising the founding principles and values. I am looking forward to bringing on even more clients to become a part of Twelve Points family.

Renee Hoffman, Relationship Manager of Family Office Services

The best part of my time at Twelve points has been serving the financial needs of so many great families. It feels great to know we’re having direct, positive impact and to see the results firsthand. I’m looking forward to growing our practice to help even more families.

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