Podcast: How Deb Cartisser Empowers Women

David and The Boston Podcast Network recently welcomed our COO Deb Cartisser for an episode called “She’s So Money: How Deb Cartisser Empower Women.” In this interview, they talk about how work and client care have changed through the pandemic. They also discuss why Deb is so passionate about helping her clients, especially women in transition, reframe their finances and reorganize their lives.

“More than anything else, it’s about understanding where they are in their lives and where they want to go,” Deb shared. She wants her clients to see her as a guide, a friend, someone who really gets to know them, who they care about, and what they value. Deb understands that women typically look at money differently than men, and she knows the importance of establishing trust and making her clients feel cared for.

Listen to the full episode for more of Deb’s insights into empowering women to gain a solid financial footing and make well-informed decisions.

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