London via G2G

by Terri Defina, Director, Client Experience

This summer’s family vacation was a whirlwind European adventure that kicked off with a 5 night stay at the G2G London property. The G2G “Vacation Experience Managers” and the onsite “Destination Managers” were helpful, accommodating and welcoming. We were contacted about a month before our arrival by our Destination Manager, David. In addition to obtaining all of our details, he focused on helping us craft an itinerary that best suited our interests and the best way to organize our sightseeing to ensure we were able to get the most out of our London experience.

David was helpful by recommending tours and providing all the details to make my research a breeze. Upon our arrival to the flat, David was waiting for us. He not only gave us a tour of the property, but was also gracious enough to take the time to give us a tour of the neighborhood so we could get our bearings. Our G2G lodging was excellent, the property was beautiful and in a great, safe neighborhood. The flat had more than enough space for the 4 of us and came with all the necessities. From adapters and hair dryers to umbrellas, the property had all the amenities you could possibly need and our kids loved the jetted tub!

Sloan Square was an ideal location, the right mix of style and charm, with an underground station minutes away. There was both upscale shopping as well as all the conveniences of a residential neighborhood; anything we could possibly need was within a few walking minutes. The Fine Food Market on Saturday in the Duke of York Square was a must see; they offered a delicious array of locally produced culinary delights and the cake holes are not to be missed!

We found that children are welcome everywhere in London with lots of free parks containing endless hours of entertainment and even a Peter Pan themed playground. Although we found the zoo to be a bit pricey, many other museums were free, like the ones we visited: The Tate Modern, and both the Science and Natural History Museums. I would personally rate the science museum better than Boston’s and the natural history museum just as good as NYC.

From the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace to the Tower of London, we saw it all (bring your walking shoes)! I would highly suggest booking both a double decker bus tour and a Thames River tour for the beginning of your stay. We found both to be extremely informational and we were able to visit some great places that were off the beaten trail including the seven(!) story famous toy store of Hamley’s and the Anchor Bankside Pub, a classic London pub with historical character right on the River Thames.

G2G’s philosphy is to create meaningful memories and that is just what we did. There is nothing better  than being able to experience things through your children’s eyes. Please feel free to reach out to me if you would like to hear more about G2G and all the wonderful experiences they have to offer, you won’t regret it!

At Twelve Points we are privileged to partner with various charitable organizations; one unique way we give back, but also benefit is through the G2G Collection. G2G helps us deliver an invaluable service to clients: a unique experience with the people they care most about.

  • G2G — the Getaway 2 Give Collection — is a US-based company launched in 2012. G2G provides vacation properties for upscale members who are luxury travelers.
  • G2G is the world’s first philanthropic vacation club.
  • G2G is a twist on voluntourism; members enjoy a luxury vacation while their money goes to great causes. G2G’s motto is Travel Beyond the Destination, and its mission is to raise $1 billion dollars for great causes.
  • G2G provides members with substantial savings on stays in luxury villas as well as luxury hotels and elegant yachts.

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