Every Nonprofit Should Be Able to Answer These 12 Questions

Do you know where your foundation’s current Investment Policy Statement is?

Hopefully your answer is, “Yes, it’s with my other fiduciary responsibility documents. Where else would it be?”

If your answer is something slightly different, you are not alone. Many foundations, endowments, and nonprofits do not thoroughly understand all that is required to keep running effectively–and clear of serious liability issues.

When was the last time you checked on the moving parts of your endowment or foundation?  These moving parts include:

  • Committee member training
  • Formal documentation of goals and objectives,
  • Investments and expenses
  • Fiduciary liability
  • Current and prospective donors
  • Foundation reports, meeting minutes, and documents (like your Investment Policy Statement)

These parts and others determine the short- and long-term health of your nonprofit organization. They not only deserve your attention; they require it.

This is where the Twelve Points Foundation & Endowment Report Card comes in.

Just like the report cards you received in school, the Foundations & Endowments Report Card is a tool for you and your managing partners to assess where you have a thorough understanding of best governance practices and where you could use additional guidance and resources. It quickly assesses where you are in your fiduciary management process, and provides you with a roadmap between where your organization is and where it is meant to go.

This free, no-obligation tool is available whenever you need it. It’s our way of helping nonprofit organizations remain healthy and viable to their worthwhile causes.

Of course, the Report Card won’t solve your fiduciary management challenges, but it can help identify where you should focus your immediate and long-term attention. You can improve your score by having a more informed conversation with your current financial advisor, or you can take advantage of a free onsite analysis and fiduciary audit by one of our Twelve Points advisors (schedule an onsite visit here).

As a committee member, you are responsible for the health, effectiveness, and protection of your nonprofit organization, its donations, and its interests. Learn how the most successful foundations run their operations, and start here.

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