February 2020
Pre-Spring Cleaning: Preparing Your Finances for the Bright Sunshine of Spring – 2/28 @ 1PM

This month we look into the organization of your finance records and cash

flows, as well as recovering important documents and unclaimed accounts.

  • Essential Records: what are they, how long should they be kept and
  • where?
  • Recovering Vital Records:
    • Birth certificate, marriage/divorce certificate, death certificate, etc
  • Using Apps to Control and Budget your Cash Flows.
March 2020
College Education and Funding – 3/25 @ Noon

This month we will discuss strategies for helping your high school student

select target schools and how to cover the cost of education:

  • Higher Education Plans: Everything from 529 plans to Coverdell ESA
  • Financial Aid: FAFSA, MEFA, Federal/Private Loans
  • Scholarships: those available while in high school and in college
  • How to Stand Out: academics, athletic, arts, philanthropy
April 2020
Special Webinar – CARES Act – Key Provisions and Vital Takeaways 4/3 @ Noon

This webinar will discuss the legislation passes this month and what you need to know about your benefits:

  • What it means for you as a business owner
  • What it means for employees
  • What steps are vital to take now
April 2020
How the SECURE Act has Changed the Financial Landscape for Retirement Accounts – 4/23 @ Noon

This month we will discuss the new legislation that was passed last year and

how it will impact you and your family:

  • Pros vs. Cons of the SECURE ACT
  • Specifics of the new law and who is affected
  • Exemptions from the new rules
  • Beneficiary Groups Defined
  • What to do if you have a Large Retirement Account?
May 2020
How to Create a Budget Based on your Values – 5/26 @ Noon

Whether you are just starting out, or are seasoned in your career, everyone benefits

from creating a budget. Join us to find out how to analyze your finances from a

different perspective.

  • Specific Recommendations for Online Tools
  • Budget in Reverse – Focus on Savings
  • How to Have Your Values Drive Your Budget
  • Creating Extra Cash Flow
  • What is the End Goal?
June 2020
Managing Student Loans and Other Debt – 6/24 @ Noon

Tips on how to assess and manage your outstanding student loans. How to balance saving for retirement with paying off your student debt.

  • Student Debt Consolidation/Refinancing
  • Payment Strategies
  • Tools to Help
  • Retirement Savings vs. Debt Payments
July 2020
How Will the Upcoming Election Impact Financial Markets? – 7/23 @ Noon

Learn how the market has historically responded in election years and how

different candidates can affect the investment climate.

  • Historical Market Data
  • New Party Into Power?
  • Same President Re-Elected?
  • Industries to be Effected
August 2020
Financial Risk Management – 8/25 @ Noon

Where are you exposed to financial risks that you may not have considered? Learn where you may be exposed and what to do about it.

September 2020
Estate Planning Documents Everyone Needs and When They Should Be  Updated – 9/23 @ Noon

This month we look at the legal documents to keep you and your family

safe and sound. We’ll dive into:

  • Estate Plan
  • Living Trust
  • Will
  • Durable/ Nondurable/ Special or Limited/ Springing/Medical Power
  • of Attorney
  • Advance Medical Directive
  • Kids Protection Plan
October 2020
Cyber Security – 10/23 @ Noon

This month we’ll discuss the hot topic of Cyber Security, specifically related to your finances:

  • How to Protect Your Data
  • Safe Practices Online and In-Person
  • Protection for Identity Theft
  • What to Do if Your Identity is Stolen
  • Keeping Your Money Safe
November 2020
Gifting and Philanthropy – 11/23 @ Noon

What is the mission for your money? How do you maximize your impact? Year-end is a great time to ensure that you are

maximizing your annual gifting program to family and philanthropy using these tools and techniques:

  • Discuss the spectrum of gifting strategies:
    • Traditional/outright cash gifts;
    • How to deal with more complex assets; and
    • How to gift for families with young children
  • Review the impact of charitable gifting on income taxes
December 2020
2020 Year In Review and Market Outlook for 2021 – 12/30 @ Noon

We will walk through the majors pits and peaks of this fiscal year, while focusing specifically on:

  • Market Returns
  • Sectors and Assets Which Appear Overvalued/Undervalued
  • Trends We See Developing
  • How to protect yourself in 2021