Our Values

Our firm was founded on the twelve points of Scout Law, the first of which is being trustworthy.

Over the last couple of decades we’ve witnessed the public lose faith in Wall Street. As such, all of the members of the Twelve Points team strive to follow the twelve points of Scout Law. In fact, two of our team members, Dave Clayman and Jared Bilodeau, have achieved Eagle Scout, the highest rank in Scouting.


Our clients entrust us with their hopes and dreams and work with us to develop a plan to get them there.


Companies today talk about brand loyalty; we believe that the loyalty should flow from the company to its clients.


Twelve Points makes an effort to do 3 “kindnesses” for someone else every day.


Our clients look to us to guard their nest eggs in these turbulent times.


The way you treat people says a lot about you and we believe that common courtesy is often lost in today’s busy world.


Clients and partners who meet us often remark how our clients are treated like friends and family and interact with us outside of the office.


“The Go-Giver” by Burg and Dunn is the foundation of culture at our firm. Helping others will come back to us in time.


We are truly blessed to serve such a wonderful group of families and helping them make their dreams reality drives the passion for what we do.


Webster’s definition – managing or using money in a careful or wise way – defines our approach to investing and planning, erring on the side of being more conservative than aggressive.


Our clients and our firm adhere strictly to our investment philosophy and each client’s plan regardless of influence from the outside world.


As an independent firm, we have the opportunity to build a reputation away from the many scandals in our industry over the last 2 decades.


Our firm has a great respect for the faith our clients have placed in us and the import of our job – making families’ dreams become reality.


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