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Addressing Common Growth Issues

This division of Twelve Points Wealth Management was created to address many of the common growth issues experienced by foundations and endowments as they increase in size and scope of giving.

As an endowment and foundation committee, there are many choices that you must make so that your assets can accomplish three things:

Provide sufficient income to accomplish the funding goals for your Foundation or Endowment’s projected fiscal year expenditures.

Grow your principal while being mindful of protecting the gifts donors have already entrusted to you.

Ensure that you have appropriate support from your outside consultants to fulfill your fiduciary obligations.

Twelve Points Foundations & Endowments Offers the Following Services:


How Effective is Your Fiduciary Management Process?

This tool will help aggregate and score:

  • A formal review of your investment’s annually against appropriate benchmarks
  • Fund’s expenses and how they compare with industry averages
  • Increasing or decreasing levels of donor participation
  • Accepting and managing complex gifts (Real Estate/Business Assets, etc…)


Complimentary Onsite Analysis of Your Nonprofit’s Report Card

with private “tutoring” to improve your grade, including:

  • Fiduciary Responsibility Documents
  • Review of current investments using FI360, the leading fiduciary analysis software
  • Review of Current Investment Policy Statement
  • Service Provider Due Diligence Documents


Emphasizing Stewardship vs. Speculation
  • Grow your principal while being mindful of protecting the gifts donors have already entrusted to you.


Improved Donor Engagement
  • Helping donors become more engaged with the organization and how to make “good” donors “great”
  • Education regarding the tools and techniques of charitable giving for existing and potential donors
Committee Member Training and Fiduciary Documentation
  • This is a value add for Foundation & Endowment clients


Will the Tax Reform Torpedo Fundraising Efforts? What Can Be Done? | April 12th at 12pm EST | Registration Link Here

Savvy Philanthropic Strategies | May 30th at 12-1pm EST | Registration Link Here

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As a company we are very involved in the nonprofit community on four fronts:

We manage assets with an emphasis on asset preservation similar to those large endowments which tends to resonate with donors who understand their gifts will be protected.

We have developed a Successful Donor Engagement Program to assist our nonprofit partners and clients in raising funds by turning “good” donors into “great” donors.

We use our training as Accredited Investment Fiduciaries (AIFs) to bring the best practices of the country’s largest endowments to smaller foundations and their boards. Examples include our Committee Member Training, Fiduciary Audit File Checklist and Foundation Report Card.

We have pledged to give a minimum of 5% of profits to charity annually.

In fact, at Twelve Points, we believe in a philosophy of Philanthropy First. Our four principals have all been deeply involved in the non-profit community throughout their lives. From homelessness to cancer research, each of them has volunteered hundreds of hours a year to the charities that they are passionate about.

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