What Sets Us Apart

Founded on trust, our business is based on developing long-term relationships with our clients. Clear, consistent communication and attention to detail allow us to meet and exceed their expectations. As a Registered Investment Advisory firm, we act as fiduciary, providing advice that is solely in the client’s best interest. We align our interests with those of our clients, so we succeed when they succeed. It is our mission to become the most trusted advisor for all of our clients’ needs, well beyond their finances.

Personal Planning Index

Most investors judge their portfolio’s performance by standard industry benchmarks, be it the S&P 500 or the Dow Jones Industrial Average. At Twelve Points, we create a ‘personal planning index’ for each and every client so they have a ‘benchmark’ to measure the performance of their financial plan. Their personalized benchmark is determined from their daily lifestyle – including short and long-term goals. Our clients find comfort in not worrying about what the S&P is doing; as they have their own benchmark. People are different, from their goals to what they truly value; so why not follow their own benchmark?

Our Clients


A common characteristic among our clients is their adherence to the plan we set out together and mutual commitment to a long-term relationship.

Overwhelmingly we are chosen to provide advice for a lifetime by people who have lost faith in Wall Street.

Alignment of Interests

Our commitment to putting client interests first, our compensation structure, and our belief in eating our own cooking combine to ensure an alignment of interests between our firm and our clients. We succeed when you succeed.

We Treat You Like Family

People who know us have commented that our close-knit team acts like a family. Our clients have come to appreciate that we treat them like family as well.

Highest Level of Service

Our team is dedicated to looking after our clients, becoming the trusted advisor, and providing the highest level of service.

Independent Investment Advice

Our advisors receive no compensation for recommending one investment over another. Investment decisions are based solely on best interests of our clients.

Our Knowledge & Experience

We’ve assembled a well-rounded, experienced, and complementary team. While our professionals are knowledgeable in all areas of personal financial planning, we are particularly proud of our goal-based investment management proficiency.

Our Designations


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