Twelve Points Online Advisors (TPOA)

We help you achieve your specific financial goals.

  • Everyone’s financial situation is different and everyone has different goals; your portfolio should reflect those goals.
  • We don’t offer cookie-cutter target date funds; we create optimal portfolios to help you achieve the goals that you list out.
  • We don’t just offer investment advice, we create a financial plan based on your goals using industry leading software.


TPOA gives a holistic picture of your entire financial situation.

  • Not only do we give advice on the accounts that are under our management, but we provide advice for your entire portfolio including accounts through your employer (401k, 403b, etc.).
  • Optimize both asset allocation and asset location. Asset location is deciding which account to hold specific assets in based on tax efficiency (It doesn’t make sense to keep a tax efficient asset such as a municipal bond in a retirement account).
  • Create a financial plan that encompasses all aspects of your life, not just your investments.


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